Ground Handling

RGF Support can supply a range of the specialist Aviation Ground Handling courses which comply with the current industry-standard practices.


Ground & Cargo Handling Equipment


Aircraft Pushback / Towing


Air Marshall

Aircraft Marshalling

Ground Handling Brake Riding

Aircraft Brake Riding

Dangerous Goods

Ramp Safety

Ramp Safety

Headset / Wing Walking

Hangar Shunts

Hangar Shunts

Additional Activities

Ground operations are the tasks (excluding maintenance) that are carried out while an aircraft is on the ground before and after a flight. After an aircraft arrives, it will be marshalled to its parking position, it might be connected to an airbridge or stairs may be positioned at the doors, ground power units are connected, unloading and loading of luggage and or cargo takes place, fresh water is replenished, toilet services are performed and refuelling is carried out.

RGF Support can also advise on all the above activities and also work with:

  • The oversight of document control
  • Line station training, hanger movements, facilities and training records
  • Audit and compliance programs and compliance to the safety management system
  • Load control communication, the loading system, and the communication of aircraft loading
  • GSE operating around aircraft
  • Passenger safety while embarking and disembarking the aircraft
  • Driver behaviours
  • Ground service equipment operator training, maintenance oversight and operation; and
  • Ensuring the operator manual is followed for all ground handling activities, both above and below wing.

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